During the peak blue-marlin season, the humpbacks migrate through the area, rivaling the Hawaiian migration.


Traveling anglers in remote areas do not often stay in high-class lodging and enjoy fishing on a top-of-the-line game boat with an experienced crew — but they certainly can in Príncipe. Back onshore at Bom Bom Island Resort, you can escape to your private beachfront bungalow, crank up the AC and hit the minibar before going for a swim off the pearly white private beach. Tracey and Bobby Bronkhorst manage the resort (they’ve been managing resorts and marine activities for years), and Bobby is also an excellent angler and captain. The resort’s restaurant is air-conditioned with a great open deck bar that can be reached by crossing a 250-yard wooden causeway. They have a freshwater pool and Internet access. You may be in Africa, but you have every comfort you could possibly want or need. The local cuisine is really wonderful, with a lot of Portuguese influence and fresh local seafood and produce, and the resort will cook whatever fish you didn’t put a tag in.

When taking a hike through the primeval forest, you see all kinds of birds and animals that you’ve probably only read about. Take a handheld GPS with you, as the rainforests can have some pretty thick vegetation. There isn’t anything out there that will eat you, just some cool monkeys and such, so don’t forget your camera. The beaches are white sand set against clear-blue water, and there are some magnificent snorkeling and diving sites in the area. You can take a drive to visit the old coffee and cocoa plantations or walk around the village of Santo Antonio and check out the local color and old colonial buildings. The locals are really beautiful people who have huge smiles and always something exciting to talk about; take the time and mingle — it’s great fun.

Bouchard caught 57 blues in just 27 days last year — far short of a full season, but still pretty good!

During the peak blue-marlin season, the humpbacks migrate through the area, rivaling the Hawaiian migration. It’s pretty common to view the whales just off the coast. Three species of sea turtles (green, loggerhead and leather) are commonly seen in the shallows while snorkeling, and at times they are even on the beaches. There is so much to do on land that you’ll need to set aside a couple of days to experience it all for a nice, relaxing respite after getting on a hot marlin bite.

Bom Bom is a special place, with the best of both worlds: It’s remote, quiet and secluded, yet the resort has everything you could ask for as far as comfort, services, and great food and wine. The marlin fishing is epic, on one of the best game boats ever built, with an IGFA-certified captain and an experienced crew — what else could you possibly ask for?

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