The new G&S 41' boat should open up a lot of the areas that the smaller boats in years past had to bypass ...

'Deceiver' is a tag-and-release boat professionally crewed to international standards and compliant with all safety regulations. Bouchard outfitted the boat with the best gear money can buy — 130 Tiagra reels and fly-fishing rods, and anglers can choose between stand-up gear or a chair to suit their needs. Bouchard has been fishing African waters since 2001, and Deceiver’s full-time crew is very welcoming, well spoken and friendly. A new game lodge and a marine base for Deceiver are planned, with construction starting in 2014. Besides its world-class blue-marlin fishery, these rich waters hold billfish year-round, mahimahi (bulls in the 50-pound class are very common), a good wahoo and sailfish bite on the edge, and snapper big enough to feed a village.

Capt. Clay Hensley brought Hooker to Bom Bom several years back and really loved the place. “I was there on an odd year where we saw a lot of blue marlin in August and September, but not many big ones,” Hensley says. “I believe we had a 21-day stretch where we raised around 125 blues, but none over 500 pounds. Their normal fishing is less numbers and larger fish during that time frame.”

The new G&S 41' boat should open up a lot of the areas that the smaller boats that were used in years past had to bypass. “I think the area is still a bit untapped, as the local charter fleet was confined to a smaller area closer to the island due to boat size and fuel requirements. We were there with our own mothership and were able to explore the numerous banks on the windward side of the island and had some fantastic fishing there,” Hensley says. “And the resort itself is spectacular, with one of the most beautiful bars and restaurants I’ve ever seen. The rooms were nice, and the staff was friendly. Bom Bom is definitely a place that I would love to return to,” he says.

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